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The most frequent question I am asked as business owner is, what is an Organisational Coach and how can it help my business?

So, as opposed to the traditional business coaching which will generally analyse the business from a financial perspective and focus on the monetary health of the organisation, organisational coaching comprises of such areas as leadership and executive coaching, coaching for performance (improvement or otherwise) as well as business and workplace coaching to help owners and leaders define and work towards their purpose; in short, we help people in the organisation to be better at their role so that the organisation can be a better business. #Win/Win !

Whether you’re 2 people or 200 people it’s the same thing, no one runs a business on their own, we all need support on the journey, and the team around you can define the success of your business. Through expanding the performance capability of individuals within your organisation, you can ensure your business will grow. Like any approach, it’s not achieved through a single stage or step but rather through a journey. Working with you, we define that journey, the stages, and the training and support needed in a manageable way, for both yourself as a business owner, and your team. We often use the analogy of a bus; however you design it and however lovely you feel it is, in order for it to be successful and for people to get on your bus, what should be clear is where you are going, why you’re going there and what their role is, should they choose to get on it. When there is lack of clarity it will likely lead to:

  1. Lack of focus on the right areas
  2. Unintentional business failings
  3. Overlapping agendas
  4. Abdicated responsibility
  5. Siloed teams and lack of collaboration
  6. Conflict between teams and individuals
  7. Lack of delegation

In short, organisational mayhem ensues and you’re left feeling like you’re herding fish. 

So, what are the benefits? It’s a lifecycle thing!

Organisational coaches add great value at both the start and growth stages of a business cycle by ensuring the necessary systems and processes are in place and that teams are developing. Whilst In a more mature stages of the business cycle organisational coaching can help to manage all the human dynamics (commonly termed HR) within the company, supporting productivity and performance, to ensure that everyone remains on the bus and going in the right direction.

Defining the culture and purpose of your business, then providing guidance to develop and steer the business in the right direction, enables you to enhance organisational performance through your people.

As your business grows and new staff are recruited an organisational coach can support you through the recruitment process, helping you to identify whether the candidate has the skills and experience you need, as well as how well they will ‘fit’ into the culture and values of your organisation, ensuring commitment, retention and longer term, security for your business.  They also have the added value and benefit of being able to see things from a different perspective and can encourage conversations that might otherwise seem difficult – with the aim of enabling growth as well as maintaining good relationships.

If the last few months have taught us anything, success in business is no longer about tightly managing our people, or endless KPIs and targets, it’s about developing teams that are aligned to a purpose and strategy and who work towards delivering on long term sustainable and meaningful outcomes.  

Effective communication and collaboration are now the new tools needed by business owners and leaders and how we use these tools along with our intention and a good strategy will decide who survives and who thrives in the coming years.

Check out what our clients have to say about some of their challenges and how we have supported them.

“Karen has provided fantastic support to various pieces of work for our HR function, with an always friendly and structured approach. Karen is hugely knowledgeable in terms of coaching, recruitment and leadership development and combined with her thorough understanding of our business culture always adapts her approach using a variety of tools to get the best outcomes for the business”. 

“We used the Rowan Consulting to support several of our business improvements in the last three years and Karen did a great job in identifying the need for improvement and assisting our management team in making the changes – she was a key change enabler and worked very empathically with us as an SME”.
“Staggering Results! We were stagnating as a business and nothing seemed to be working, the teams were disengaged and we were frustrated that they just weren’t taking the lead to sort things out. After just 3 sessions we saw a raft of ideas and suggestions, some of which were implemented overnight…”

If you feel talking to an Organisational Coach would help you make sense of some of the changes needed within your business, or you’re looking to grow and develop your business, please feel free to get in touch for a FREE no obligation initial consultation.

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